First full day in Yerevan

We did a lot of cool things that I will mention chronologically in list form. Below are various photos related to the day. I tried to caption them, but if the captions don’t show up I’d be happy to explain.

  1. Woke up really early because of jet lag and the sun coming through our balcony windows.
  2. Talked and then fell back asleep.
  3. Decided to find a cafe to eat at, although we may or may not have been advised against leaving the apartment……….
  4. Managed to find the cafe due to our excellent navigation skills. All the signs are in the Armenian alphabet, but luckily some of the signs have the names spelled out in the Latin alphabet.
  5. Ate a yummy breakfast! I had granola and warm milk with a cucumber/orange/ginger juice.
  6. Went back to our apartment to meet Dr. Tadevosyan.
  7. Walked around to see the main parts of downtown Yerevan, including Republic Square. Became more familiar with our orientation of the city. Obtained an Armenian cell phone (one of the old kinds that you buy minutes for). Also got some yummy donuts at a fun restaurant. They were croissant-like in texture, but had a doughy center. They were sprinkled with a ton of powdered sugar. Also got some flowers for our apartment. Flower vendors are abundant here.
  8. Went back to our apartment to rest.
  9. Went back out to explore. Looked like we were lost, but luckily two helpful women redirected us. So hospitable!
  10. Explored Republic Square and the surrounding areas.
  11. Found a cool park with a fountain and stone boat.
  12. Went to Kazkad, another central point in downtown Yerevan. There are several sculptures from various international artists. We did not walk the stairs.
  13. This took a few hours. We were hot, sweaty, and tired. Went back to the apartment because Dr. Tadevosyan said he might call us to get ice cream. Rested and spoke to loved ones. My sister is graduating from high school today!
  14. Debated on getting dinner for a long time. We were so tired and our feet hurt.
  15. I fell asleep for a little bit because it’s who I am. Woke up to Hannah saying, “Shanea just fell asleep but we can meet you for ice cream!” The time: 9:30 pm.
  16. Met Artashes’ wife, whose title is also Dr. Tadevosyan. She also works at Yerevan State Medical University.
  17. Got ice cream and had a lovely conversation with the two!! They are both so intelligent and quick-witted. I was convinced to try Armenian coffee. Unlike American coffee, the coffee beans are ground into a fine sediment and left in the coffee. It is very strong. Big mistake to drink it so late.
  18. They showed us around another nearby part of town, where there’s a good lunch place.
  19. They walked us home. I was so glad we went to see them despite how tired we were. They are lovely and I’m even more excited to get to know and learn from them. A fantastic day!
  20. Fun fact: my phone says I walked 30,793 steps (11.4 miles) and climbed 24 flights of stairs. Not sure how accurate this is, but still fun to know that I am ✨exercising✨🏃🏻‍♀️




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